About Prezcard

Why use Prezcard?

At Prezcard we have noticed that access to video games or any other products offered by platforms such as Playstation, Nintendo, Apple or Google is becoming more and more online. Shopping online often avoids bad experiences such as waiting for a delivery or a product arriving in bad condition.

The goal when we buy a game is to be able to play it right away, that's why we created Prezcard!

What are the cards on Prezcard used for?

Whether you need to buy a video game on the Playstation Store, top up your iTunes account or your Google Play account to get new applications, you'll find everything you need at Prezcard. At Prezcard you can get all this whenever you want and get it directly after your purchase!

The cards on Prezcard are also very useful if you want to give a gift to someone close to you!

Advisors present to help you

At Prezcard we have also set up a support service to assist you with your purchases and the management of your Prezcard account. By contacting our support you can be sure that someone will be able to help you.

The implementation of a support service was essential for us, it was imperative to put advisers at the disposal of our customers to assist them in the choices they will make. The advisers at Prezcard are all professionals who have been trained to help you as quickly and efficiently as possible!

Contact the Prezcard teams

Need more information about the service provided by Prezcard? No problem, Prezcard's advisers are there to answer all your questions!Contact us